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The Faculty of Science and Education at the University of Mostar, was created as a successor of Faculty of Pedagogy on 1. 1. 2006, from which the follower is also the Faculty of Philosophy (at the beginning named the Faculty of Philosophy and Humanity), and all the facts before this deadline which are specified by Faculty of Pedagogy on the way to the Faculty of Science and Education summed up the shares after the study directions in relation to the former university.

Faculty of Pedagogy had 39 study groups in academic year 2005/2006., of which the Faculty of Science and Education, inherited 20 study groups after reorganization in eleven study programmes. Although very young has achieved great progress, especially in the number of students inscribed. Great efforts are made to connect the Faculty with other scientific and economic institutions in the region and beyond.

Faculty of Science and Education wants to take actuating role of social change in the region and wider, knowledge-based. Scientific research and the creation of new knowledge, and its transfer to the new generations with cultural creation that are basic tasks, the actuating role has been taken with an aim of social change in general, which are based on knowledge and acceptance of the values ​​of civilization which are just as important as obtaining certain qualifications necessary for society and economy, based on knowledge. In accordance with the new mission, the Faculty of Science and Education seeks to develop study programmes and strengthen institutions in order to contribute to economic and social development of the region and beyond.

A concise guide to to the University can be seen on the following link.