Upis ocjena kod Sanja T. Spužević

Upis ocjena iz svih kolegija kod Sanje T. Spužević, će biti održan u petak 02.07. s početkom u 10 sati.

About the study of Informatics

More recently, the development of information technology increasingly affects society as a whole, eg economics, medicine and other sciences. In the study of informatcis, professional content is realized through compulsory and elective courses. They are complemented by methodological and pedagogical-psychological contents. The aim of this study is to train students for successful and socially responsible transfer of IT knowledge to young generations, with the use of the latest computing technology in the respective and diverse IT applications. The study ends with the completion of a graduate thesis which is the independent processing of some scientific or professional problem. From the academic year 2007/2008. one-stop study of informatics started. Namely, there is a great need for people who are well trained in IT knowledge and skills, and certainly in the future this need will grow more and more.

Nvidia Education Center

Nvidia Education Center is an education center designed to support students, professors and other participants in the teaching process through the use of modern technologies and trends in the development of multi-core graphical and general processors and programming them through the "Parallel Programming" course introduced by the academic 2014 ./15. year at the Informatics School at the Faculty of Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Education. Given the great recognition of the University's work for the promotion of CUDA technology, from the Nvidia Corporation, the Faculty has received a $ 4000 Tesla k40 graphics accelerator - designed for the most demanding data processing and numerical calculations - and two graphics cards named Geforce GTX 980 that will serve to process image, video and less demanding data processing and numerical calculations. Apart from the donation in terms of equipment, the Faculty has gained access to the Cloud Training platform with teaching contents, access to webinar led by experts from various fields, additional teaching materials, and access to technical services.

Oracle academy

ORACLE is a leading company providing various services from databases and information systems to Java software solutions. This company also achieves co-operation with educational institutions in the world, providing its own resources and services, all in order to educate young ICT professionals. In academic year 2015/2016, the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics became a partner in this academy. The Faculty of Natural Science Mathematics and Education as a member of this program offers various resources in terms of program support (which is free for all our members of the academy), and course courses that are conducted within the various courses. All students in the "Informatics" study can freely listen to the program "Oracle Database Design and Programming with SQL" within the Databases, and "Java Fundamentals" at the Degree Program in the "Java Programming" course.

Days of Mathematics, Informatics and Technique

Days of Mathematics, Informatics and Technique and General "Days of Open Doors" at FPMOZ aim to link all levels of education in mathematics, IT and technical culture and promote science and mathematics sciences among young people. On the MIT Day will be organized fun-learning workshops for students who are interested in logical thinking. Along with a series of simple, but interesting workshops, we want to bring students closer to our faculty and show them how we educate future generations. For math, IT and technical culture professors, interesting lectures will be organized that will, hopefully, bring new ideas for working in classrooms.

Student service Switch

Switch is a student association that seeks to improve the knowledge and skills of students in IT and technology. Students are offered an opportunity to engage in mutual learning, exchange materials and participate in events organized by the association. In the effort to connect students, the University of the Association is trying to provide an open exchange of ideas and knowledge experiences. The aim of the association is to promote new technologies and lifelong learning through various workshops and projects. We want to share the knowledge and enthusiasm we have with a large number of people, motivating interested students to continue studying and learning independently. The association organizes numerous events, most notably the MIT (days of math, computer science and technology). The students of mathematics, computer science and technology, with their teachers and assistants, organize and design the content of high school students in order to awaken interest in studies and opportunities. The students are presented with robots, devices and technology available at the faculty and which raise the level and quality of education through specific application. The Switch Association organizes free cycle of lectures on programming basics, web development, robotics, design. Also, the Switch Association is proud of its members of Technical Support of the Switch Association, which is independently maintained and serviced by FPMOZ computer labs. Through the workshops we are trying to attract students of varying interest. In 2016, in co-operation with Spark, Hackaton (programming competition) was organized, which was followed by valuable awards. Members of the association are trying to visit several events related to IT science in Mostar and beyond. Through membership in the organization, students develop skills of communication, presentation, sense of responsibility and consideration for each other. Being a Switcher implies a strong will and learning ability, teamwork, and express communication and a secure entertainment.